Fincas o casas

After helping people build their dreams in Majorca for the past 20 years and after receiving innumerable requests from friends for help with finding a property, Anthony Walton created Anthony Walton's Fincas o Casas as your customized property service. Our aim is to connect you with your dream property in Majorca, no matter what your preferences may be.

What started as a very personal project to help friends who he could no longer fit in his home, has grown into a full fledged real estate service, but without losing the direct personal touch we have become known for. Unlike with other services, here you speak not just to a human being, but to one of us directly. This has been our focus since the beginning and will continue to be in the future. As our customers moved into the webspace, so have we expanded into the web, first with a limited system, and now with a full fledged, searchable system, where you start by choosing your preference, whether it's to rent a property for your holiday stay in Majorca, rent a property throughout the year for personal or commercial use, or to buy a property or business.

Most of our business has focused on Majorca, leveraging our expertise of a lifetime spent in the Majorcan paradise and our intimate knowledge of some of the best properties on the northeast of the island, but most recently we've begun an expansion to properties on mainland Spain. So, if you prefer the mainland, check out some of our properties in Granada, Teruel, and Córdoba or contact us.

Thank you for your business. We're very happy to serve you, and we'll be happy to welcome you to Majorca whether it's for holiday, for rent, or forever.

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